Online Courses

Interior Design when properly implemented has the unrivalled capacity to enhance and improve lifestyle and well being. Since 2011, Maven School of Interior Decoration and Design has remained the first and the best interior design training institution of choice across Nigeria, with a high quality off line and online design education right from inception.

This Course in Interior Design comprises of 12 in-depth modules designed to build the foundation that will lead to your qualification as a professional interior designer.

The duration of the Course, which is the same as the in class training is 3 months, however the course is self-paced, so you may take up to one year to finish it if you so desire.

The modules are designed to be read sequentially and will help build your knowledge to enable you to design interior spaces.

There are a number of exercises and assignments at the end of each module which you will be required to participate in and submit. It is through participation and interaction that you will learn to feel confident and find your creative voice. Our world class online training platform also allows you to socially network with other students and chat with facilitators.

Experience the transformation as your thoughts and opinions evolve while gaining more knowledge and skills. Enjoy the process of gaining skills that will enable you to communicate your untapped creative potential.

How to study online?
When you enrol by paying a fee of N45,000 only, you will be invited to the online course platform via email, the email will provide your access information.

When you have logged-in, you have immediate access to download your modules or to read within the training platform, you will also have access to audio and video lecture materials etc. Course materials are hosted on an international world-class platform and you will be able to chat with facilitators, other students and upload your assignments and do practical classes.

Student support is available for the duration of the Course and will offer assistance if you are experiencing problems or having difficulties submitting your assignments

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