What makes Maven SIDD the industry leader?

Founded in October 2008, Maven School of Interior Decoration & Design is the foremost interior design institution in sub-Saharan Africa and the world renowned for the quality of its training in interior Design & Decoration.

Reputation is everything and that is why at the Maven School of Interior Decoration and Design (a subsidiary of G.O.A Group and formerly called G.O.A School of Interior Decoration and Design) …we have worked hard to create one of the finest and one of the few interior design and decoration schools in Africa. The importance of interior design is apparent in our daily lives. Producing an environment that is functional and aesthetically pleasing is the goal of every good design. The Maven School of Interior Decoration and Design prides itself on helping our students to create innovative environments through in-depth study that covers everything from elements of interior design, space planning, fundamentals of colour, spatial relationships, lighting, ergonomics, ethics, environmental psychology, professional business practice to the most advanced courses in computer aided design, as well as studies in furniture design and fabrics. SIDD graduates acquire the skills designers and decorators need to meet the demands of this global profession. Whether learning the importance and skills necessary to design residential space, commercial and corporate enclaves, hospitals, restaurants and offices with barrier-free access, or the latest programs in computer aided design; our students learn a wide range of information and techniques taught by faculty who work in the field.


We are recognised and accredited by the African Association of Interior Designers and the founder is a member of the International Interior Design Association.

Mission statement

At Maven SIDD, we believe what is worth doing is worth doing well, we give the utmost and we expect the best from our students and graduates. Our mission is to ensure that our students and graduates can positively influence the lives of many by transforming spaces into havens that help people everywhere live better and at much higher standards...changing the world one space at a time.